Friday, September 28, 2007

Grenache Gris

We picked the Grenache Gris this morning - 4,700 pounds worth. I think the quality of the fruit is the highest it has ever been. The morning started slowly - I made my coffee at 4:30AM with hand ground beans from Isabel (the name sake of the rosé). I didn't think it was strong - turns out she only grinds decaf.

We got at the vineyard around 7:20 and started immediately. The crew quickly picked/filled all 160 of our bins. In my sorting, the first of two for this wine, I only found two clusters with rot. Very usual for these vines which were planted long before I was born.

By 8:30, we were back on the road headed for Berkeley. The grapes are cooling off - going to 8 degrees (Celsius) getting ready to be sorted a second time.

Tomorrow morning, Fenaughty Syrah and our first use of the four ton fermentor.

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